Cell Coverage Mapping, LLC (CCM) is a New England based company which has developed a web-based platform that allows people to identify areas of poor or no wireless and broadband service directly onto a map. CCM advertises the platform through several web-based and print media channels.

Wireless Realty Advisors (WRA) is a Massachusetts based company which acquires and develops communication towers and antenna sites across the country. WRA created CCM in 2020 as a tool to help identify dead zones and provide a roadmap for potential siting solutions.

When a city or town helps to promote the CCM platform through its existing communication channels with the community that the number of submissions through the website increases sharply. CCM will share the data with the municipality at the end of the survey period. The data will paint a clear picture on where people in the community want wireless service. As remote learning and remote workplace situations increase, robust access to the internet and communication networks has become a primary concern of municipalities and communities. The CCM data makes a compelling case for where service is needed.

At this time, CCM is not charging anything to run the campaign with interested cities and towns. CCM will provide a report of the dead zones submitted as well as overview of existing cell sites in the area to the municipality once the survey is complete. For more robust reports and consulting services, please reach out to us for pricing.

We can run the survey at any time! A typical timeframe is four weeks. The process of identifying a point on a map and submitting the dead takes one minute. The www.cellcoveragemapping.com platform is always open and people can submit as many dead zones as they wish.

Internal use is meant to allow the Town to use and share the data with the community or other businesses in town.

WRA will analyze the data in conjunction with our database of existing cell sites to see where people are reporting coverage issues. We typically see clustering of data where there is no service. We use this data when we speak to carriers in an attempt to identify siting opportunities. At this time, we’ve not sold any data to the carriers or other business. We will provide the Town with a customized report with a high-level overview of data collected and a map showing the data. We are also available to help identify potential siting solutions if the Town is interested in pursuing that.

The “survey” is located at www.cellcoveragemapping.com - after a respondent voluntarily pins a dot on the map to identify the dead zone, they are presented with three questions with associated drop-down responses: what type of service issue, who is your service provider/carrier and what type of cell phone do you have.

Dead zones are areas where wireless service is unavailable.

Dropped calls are when either party loses wireless service while using their cell phone.

Each cell site covers a certain geographic cell, and that coverage is dependent on a lot of factors including which frequencies are being employed, weather, physical obstacles and network usage. As the wireless ecosystem transitions to a 5G experience, more cell sites will be needed to deliver robust 5G services and fill coverage gaps.